“Where I propose spending money, it will be offset by efficiency and always maintaining Idaho’s balanced budget. More than spending, I promote personal responsibility and innovative resources to help communities and individuals to succeed.”

  • Good government: open, transparent, efficient, just
  • Finding common ground among diverse points of view
  • Decisions with future generations in mind
  • Preserving our constitutional rights
  • A balanced budget for Idaho
  • A deep respect for human life
  • Caring for all creation
  • Feeding hungry people and attending to other poverty needs
  • Empowering individuals and local communities
  • Honor Idaho’s military family and veterans


Education: Recruit top teachers. Lighten bureaucracy. Strengthen alternative education.

 Health Care: Reduce costs by discouraging monopolies. Encourage lower cost options regarding health and health care.

 Job Opportunities: Facilitate small business with local and youth initiatives. Investment of Idaho funds into Idaho businesses with multiple benefits to all of Idaho’s citizens.

 Stewardship of Natural Resources: Promote clean communities. Carefully consider stronger oil and gas regulations. Encourage sustainable agricultural practices, starting with parks and schools.

 Struggling Citizens: Encourage affordable housing options and robust giving to local food banks. Eliminate sales tax on food.